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5 top reasons to see your urologist right away!

More and more cases are coming up that point towards an obvious urological problem, but a general medical practitioner does not refer the patient to a urologist as the signs and symptoms do not appear to be serious. Why wait till the disorder manifests itself painfully. Maybe it’s time you let go of all embarrassment and get the problem diagnosed and treated asap. Here are some of the primary reasons why you should book an appointment with your urologist right away:

  • • Blood in urine:

    If the pale yellow colored urine suddenly changes color and turns brown or pink, that could indicate blood in urine which requires medical attention. This could be due to a rigorous exercise or temporary injury, but could also be a symptom for urinary tract infection or bladder infection. However, there could be serious implications like kidney stones or prostate cancer so please go consult your urologist right now.

  • • Frequent urination:

    This is also famously known as incontinence. Poor bladder control can start to affect everyday activities and even relationships as the need to urinate are sudden and strong that it could be socially embarrassing. If it is accompanied by painful urination or even blood in urine, chances are you are suffering from UTI. Any which way, an appointment with the urologist needs to be booked.

  • • Painful urination

    In men, painful urination could be due to an enlarged prostate and this is accompanied by a frequent urge to urinate. Apart from that, if there are also any abnormalities in the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, it could mean a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately. In women, apart from UTI, it could mean a yeast or bladder infection. Pain while urinating is also a symptom of STD’s, kidney stones and other major disorders.

  • • Pain in lower abdomen/pelvic area

    This is one of the most common symptoms of kidney stones. The pain is usually severe and sometimes even crippling. When people leave this pain untreated, it often leads to permanent kidney damage, nausea or fever due to infection and by then it might be too late to see a doctor!

  • • Erectile dysfunction

    Sexual problems in men and women also come under one of the top concerns that urologists are seen for. There are multiple causes of ED – and it would be better to consult your urologist so he can start with a treatment plan than to put a toll on your relationship. Sexual problems in women could be due to anything – a yeast infection, bladder stones or what not.

A bulge around the abdomen area could or could not be a hernia, which also comes under one of the common urological disorders. Why going to a urologist is always recommended is because of their specialised knowledge and experience in this field because of which all such disorders would be treated effectively, without any complications. It’s imperative to see your urologist now and then – not just for treatment but also to prevent any future disorders!

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